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Star Trek The Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge, TNG ComBadge, Delta

Stay connected like is 2364 with the Star Trek: The Next Generation™ Bluetooth® Communicator Badge!  Now with Bluetooth V5 for longer battery life and a new Silver Zinc Plated Star Trek Delta Symbol to protect the paint against wear and tear. The Star Trek TNG ComBadge is much more than a...

$ 64.99

Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bluetooth® Speaker With Sleep Machine, LED's & Sound Effects

Rock out and sleep soundly with the Star Trek: The Next Generation™ Bluetooth® U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D! Celebrate Star Trek: The Next Generation by spacing out to your favorite music playing through a Starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bluetooth® speaker. The FAMETEK™ Enterprise 1701-D Bluetooth® Speaker/Sleep Assistant connects to any smartphone, tablet or PC....

$ 69.99

Doctor Who BAD WOLF TARDIS Portable Bluetooth® Speaker with LED’s and Sound Effects

OVERVIEW: The one and only licensed BAD WOLF TARDIS wireless speaker will seamlessly pair with most any Bluetooth® device. Meticulous cosmetic craftsmanship along with incredible sound quality achieved by our parent companies engineers at Massive Audio will make these units highly desirable by collectors and audiophiles alike. The easy to use interface allows...

$ 44.99

Star Trek Academy Qi Wireless Charger With Illuminated Command Logo & Built-In Power bank

You always need more power! Stay charged with your own Star Trek Qi Wireless charging pad with backup battery & Illuminated Logo! Unclutter your space and simplify charging with the Star Trek Wireless Charging Pad. FameTek’s design for an efficient and high-speed charging at 2A for wired connections or standard...

$ 44.99