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Q: How does the badge connect to my phone?


A: The ComBadge will connect to your phone like any other Bluetooth speaker or headset. Make sure your phones settings have Bluetooth devices enabled for phone and or media. Turn you ComBadge ON and look for "FT-PIN" or "COMBADGE" in your phones Bluetooth device manager and select it.

Most tech support calls we get involve changing settings on the phone that allow for a Bluetooth headset to be used for phone calls. While on a call you can also switch between Bluetooth device, phone or speaker phone so make sure that is set to FT-PIN, COMBADGE or Bluetooth depending on your phones software. 

ANDROID USERS =  When you connect your Bluetooth device there are 2 sliding bars that will enable you to choose "media" or "call audio"  - Make sure you have at least CALL AUDIO enabled to hear phone calls from your ComBadge speaker.  = Click here for example


Q: How do I connect the ComBadge to Alexa? 


A: Turn off Bluetooth on the phone so you can change the voice assistant from Alexa to a new device and follow these instructions  

  • Power on the speaker and put it in pairing mode.
  • Go to in a web browser or open the Amazon Alexa app on iOS or Android.
  • In the left menu, select Settings.
  • Under Devices, select the Alexa device you want to pair with the speaker.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Tap Pair a New Device.
  • Wait for your Bluetooth speaker to appear under Available Speakers and select it.


Q: How do I activate SIRI or Google from the badge? 


A: DOUBLE TAP the badge while connected to Bluetooth to activate your phones voice assistant. The badge will chirp when activating and then you will hear your phones natural beep for voice assistant if applicable. 


Q: How do I control the volume of the Badges speaker?


A: When you connect your badge to your device the volume should automatically be set to 100% even if your phone was set at 50%. However the very first time you connect your badge the volume will have to be manually increased to 100%. After that it will auto 100% for phone calls and music. This way if your phones volume was set too low you don’t have to mess with your phone to adjust the volume when you get a phone call. *Note - If you touch the button on your phone it will revert to the phones actual volume setting.


Q: Can I add a stronger magnet to the back?


A: While we have seen others add a stronger neodymium magnet to the back of the existing backplate without issues we cannot suggest adding a different magnet other than what we advise. Magnets and electronics do not always work well together. If you are interested in purchasing a new stronger back-plate magnet CLICK HERE - (for international shipping contact


Q: How long will the battery last?


A: Depending on usage and volume anywhere from 2 to 48+ hours. Listening to audio nonstop it will last 2+ hours at 80% max volume. In Cosplay mode it will last over 24 hours depending on how many times you hit the button. The Badge has BLE mode that will cause the unit to go into sleep mode when not being used. In this mode the unit will last over 48 hours while ON.


Q: How does sleep mode work?


A: When in "Bluetooth mode" the unit will sleep after 1 minute of non-usage. That’s music, phone calls, pushing the button in general. When in "Cos-play mode" the unit will sleep after 5 minutes from the last button press. The LED will flash purple once and then turn OFF when in sleep mode. To wake the badge, press the button. 


Q: What will wake the unit from sleep mode?


A: Any press of the ComBadge button will wake the unit. While in "Bluetooth Mode" 1 press will wake the unit and then you may resume PLAY/PAUSE or use SIRI/GOOGLE. Furthermore, any notification you receive (text, phone call or other phone notification) that would turn on your phones screen will wake the unit automatically. If waking from sleep mode the unit will chirp once letting you know it is awake and that you have a notification. If not in sleep mode, the badge will only chirp when you receive a phone call, text or if you activate SIRI/GOOGLE. 


 A2: When in Cos-Play mode press the badge to wake. The badge will chirp as normal although may have a millisecond delay on the first press that wakes the unit.


Q: Will I still hear my phones ringtone?


A: Yes, if your phone ringer volume is ON you will hear your phones natural ringtone, via your phone and your badge will chirp once every 3 seconds. If your phone is on vibrate only your badge will play the standard chirp regardless of the notification. So, if you want to know if it is a text or a phone call, when your phone is on vibrate, set your phone to vibrate differently when you get a call, email or text.


Q: How do I use the badge to answer calls?


A: When you get a phone call press the badge to answer. It will chirp when it answers the call. When you want to end the call press the badge again and it will chirp to disconnect.

Q: Can I decline a call?


A: Yes, hold down the badge for 3 seconds to decline a call. You will hear a beep or chirp sound indicating you refused the call. 


Q: How do I use the badge to read texts and emails?


A: When you get a text or email double press the badge to activate SIRI or GOOGLE and say use the proper voice prompt.


Q: Can I change how the badge reacts with my phone?


A: Yes, almost everything is based on your phones settings. Manage how you receive calls, texts, emails and other notifications just like you would without the badge.


Q: How long does it take to charge the unit?


A: At 0.7A / 5V the badge takes around 30 minutes to charge fully.


Q: Will my ComBadge work while its charging? 


A: Yes! It will function normally while charging. If you are not using the badge and you connect it to the charger while it is still ON, we suggest you hold the button down until it chirps "turns off" and the LED flashes. The LED will then go back to a Red LED for charging and will turn Blue when fully charged.  


Q: Should the phone volume be the exact same as the music volume? (2016 version only)


A: No, the music volume will be louder due to the output level and EQ your music player has. Phone volume is on average 80% of the music volume although that depends on the other callers phone quality (or if they are on a headset) and how far they are away from the receiver. Also make sure your phone volume is at 100% (While you are on the call) 


iPHONES = There are 3 settings for iPhone volume control:
1) Phone volume
2) Bluetooth volume 
3) SIRI volume. 

Make sure you manually increase the volume, while in use, if you feel it's too low. 

There are other ways to increase your phones volume in settings depending on the iOS such as "Mono Mode" or "Hearing Aid Mode" . Click here for an example

Also you can try to use "Wi-Fi" for phone calls instead of cell towers to increase the volume and talk quality. Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling - Click here for an example 

ANDROID =  When you connect your Bluetooth device there are 2 sliding bars that will enable you to choose "media" or "call audio" volume levels. 

Click here for example
 - Choose "Call Audio" only and that will enhance your phone call volume and quality.  

Remember to switch it back when you are going to use for music. You can also try a number of APPS that will increase overall volume although we do not in any way endorse any 3rd party apps Google Play Store Volume Boost Apps

Q: Why does the badge chirp when I am not getting a phone call? (2016 Original Version only) 


A: The badge has a BLE sleep mode that will conserve power when you're not using it. "Sometimes" when in sleep mode the badge will wake when a signal (push notification) is sent to it causing it to chirp letting you know you have a notification. To reduce what will "wake your badge" keep your screen off when your not using your phone and limit the notifications that would turn your phones screen on. 


Q: Can I control what notifications wake the badge? (2016 version only)


A: Yes, in your phones settings simply choose what notifications you like. Anything that would turn your phones screen ON will wake the unit (producing the badge’s chirp sound). These include but are not limited to texts, phone calls, e-mails, & Social Media, or other forms of notifications. If you do not want to hear a chirp when you turn your phones screen on manually simply press the Badge's button before you turn on your phones screen.