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These updates are only for the TARDIS & DALEK Speakers (BAD WOLF TARDIS already has the latest firmware) 

Most units already have the latest Firmware - however - if your unit cannot 'skip sound effects' by pressing 'any button' you do not have the latest Firmware update.

• DOWNLOAD the Firmware file for your unit HERE (Choose your unit)

• You will use the Firmware file after you have installed and opened the Software program below called "ACTIONS AUDIO"

DOWNLOAD the ACTIONS software here  (ZIP FILE)

Click on setup.exe to install the ACTIONS software

Install will put the program in a folder located - C:\Program Files (x86)\Actions\Audio Product Tool\Product by default.

Click on MainApp.exe to open the program

Connect the USB to the speaker and computer (while the speaker is OFF)

On the speaker: Hold down the + Volume button and then turn switch on the back of the unit to ON (you will know you are connected if you see 1 USB Device Detected message displayed in the green bar at the top of the ACTIONS tool page)

If the software does not automatically search for the firmware file select the FLASH Button as seen in the picture below

  • • Make sure that only the PRODUCTION And FLASH_ERASE boxes are checked (They are by default)

    • Choose your Firmware file that you downloaded at the beginning.

    • Click OPEN

  • Click REPLACE as seen below

  • • Wait for the download to complete and then turn OFF your unit.

    The speaker can now be ejected and ready to test (try skipping a sound effect by pressing any button when it starts playing)



    • Turn on unit

    • To skip sound effects press any button during the playback

    • To lower the master volume of the sound effects:

      • Wait until the sound effects plays completely (do not skip)

      • Press + or – Volume until desired (10 clicks is very low volume)

      • Wait 3 seconds so the program learn the command

      • Turn the unit off and power back on from the power switch

        • Note* The master music volume will also start up at the same new volume level.



    • To use these speakers as computer speakers and microphone

      • Plug in the USB to the speaker and the computer

      • Press the PHONE button on the speaker 1 time (do not hold down)

      • The driver will install and you are now ready to listen to music or use the microphone

      • NOTE* there is not volume limit when using the speaker this way so use caution when increasing volume to not damage the speaker or eardrums as the speaker will get very loud

      • Since the microphone update is not supported by Skype we cannot predict voice quality for every user.