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Posted by Fametek News

San Diego Comic Con was a blast this year! We debut our new Doctor Who Headphone line at the show and got to interact with tons of fans! The TARDIS Wireless Speaker was available in the BBC America and The Who Shop's booth and it was great to see so many people excited to hear them in action. Even over the roar of the conference hall our tunes were drawing fans in and many dances took place!

Michelle Gomez (AKA Missy / The Master) picked up an Assault Dalek Speaker at the show and we got to hang with her and the rest of the cast of Doctor Who and Orphan Black at the BBC after party. Meeting Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman was the highlight of our show and we were lucky enough to gift Steven Moffat a TARDIS speaker and hope he enjoys it fully! Take a look at some pictures and hope you all had a great time!